WordPress upgrades


Having the most updated version of WordPress is crucial for your blog’s security.

Many people afraid to update their WordPress websites because the plugins will break and the site might not function well. This is true, but on the other hand, you need to be sure that your website is always updated, plugins, or WordPress core, it’s better to solve a small issue of a WordPress plugin, than running your WordPress websites outdated. At wordpress-managment.com we take Security seriously, that’s why we created our services, and that’s why we keep all of our sites always up to date, running automated or on hands security scans every day on our systems, and our hosted WordPress websites.

it is extremely crucial that you stay up to date with the latest version.

Plugins (and of course Core) upgrades it’s a crucial factor in your blog’s security but also your WordPress website’s functionality. Every time WordPress.org releases an upgrade them most probably, there is going to be a security fix, but special on plugins, developers improve their code (and functionality) while they’re adding more options and features into their plugins.

Every time you see a warning at the top of your WordPress dashboard DON’T IGNORE IT!

With WordPress upgrades you improve:

  • WordPress Security
  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding new functions
  • Improve features

 WordPress is the favorite target for hackers. 

Always a new WordPress version it will come with bug fixes and vulnerability reports!

If you need any assistance in upgrading your WordPress plugins or the WordPress core, and you’re not already a customer, contact us, you can sign up and create a support ticket over here

Lately, WordPress is on bug bounty hacker program, that way CORE developers and the Core security team, are cooperating with White hackers to find exploits and security holes in the core, and when this happens, then the Security team fix all the exploits and pass them all to the new improved updated version of WordPress. All these bugs get resolved in latest WordPress updates.

If your website hacked this can seriously affect your business. Contact us today for a full scan and review, our expert WordPress engineers, will scan your website for malicious code and will upgrade the WordPress core and all your WordPress (free, paid or custom plugins) plugins. Our team is 27/7 next to you and your business, WordPress updates are our expertize!

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