WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

WordPress Support for bloggers, professionals and woocommerce ‘rs

wordpress-managment.com created 2 years ago, to help small companies, professionals and agencies, to thrive and find solutions on every day WordPress problems. Our company started 2 years ago,  with only 2 people, and in 2 years we became 10. Our team working remotely, in different geographical points on the world, manage and supports WordPress websites around the world.

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WordPress Support and Maintenance Services,we find solutions on every day WordPress problems.WordPress Online Support WordPress Support Services

WordPress the platform used by millions

The WordPress platform is an open source software that you can use to create a beautiful websites, blogs, or even apps. The platform has powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you can imagine. Right now, the 32% of the web uses WordPress as the main platform, which can be a website, a complicated eshop, a fortune 500 website, or the backend system for an Android or iOS APP. Some of the biggest news sites online powered by the platform called WordPress.. The last amazing upgrade of the platform was the WordPress REST API included into the WordPress core. JSONThe WordPress REST API provides API endpoints for WordPress data types that allow developers to interact with sites remotely by sending and receiving  (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. JSON is an open standard data format that is lightweight and human-readable, and looks like Objects do in JavaScript.When you send content to or make a request to the API, the response will be returned in JSON. This enables developers to create, read and update WordPress content from client-side JavaScript or from external applications, even those written in languages beyond PHP. The REST API is included in WordPress 4.7 

WordPress Powerful features.

WordPress becoming a fully-fledged application framework.

The WordPress REST API provides an easy-to-use set of HTTP endpoints that let you access your site’s data in simple JSON format, including users, posts, taxonomies and more. Retrieving or updating data is as simple as sending a HTTP request. You can find the legacy  documentation here while All tickets for the project are being tracked on WordPress core Trac

  • For support requests, use the WordPress forums.
  • To crate an application with WordPress you can straight contact with us, to disqus your next project, you can always send us a message

With WordPress you can have customizable designs, responsive websites which are SEO friendly, High Security with Managed on the go, and High performance websites and ecommerce websites. With WordPress there are more of 45.000 plugins to help your website meet your needs. Our company WordPress-managment.com created for the WordPress users and agencies that need a fast helpful support options for continued success with their WordPress sites & businesses. Find on our services the best Managed WordPress Hosting for you and you business, Get all in one, Hosting, WordPress Support & Maintenance Services in affordable price, with technicians and engineers that expertizing on WordPress.

Extend your WordPress experience with 55,972 plugins (at the moment that we writing this blog post).

With simple words on the question what are the WordPress plugins? A WordPress plugin is a piece of code (or thousands of lines of code ) containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. The WordPress plugins are written in PHP language, and they can  extend your website’s functionality, for an example, if you are not very familiar with the code and you don’t want to mess your website, let’s suppose that you want to add Google Analytics in your website, they the only thing you want to do is, to install a WordPress plugin analytics, you can Google search, or you can just visit the WordPress repo here and search for Google Analytics

The best way to search for a WordPress plugin for your website.
The best way to search for a WordPress plugin for your website.

WordPress Support 

Our WordPress support services offers top quality support for any WordPress user or company of any size, anywhere in the world. Our WordPress support team, can assist you and your business, with issues including security, hosting, themes, plugins, tutorials, WordPress custom functions and much more things. You don’t need to be subscribed in  our services to Get WordPress support

Our top WordPress developers and Computer Engineers and DevOps, after receiving your WordPress support request, we will get back to you, with a single one time offer to fix any WordPress or any web application issue you may have.

WordPress Support Services

We work hard everyday, to keep your business moving forward. Our team a team of WordPress experts, WordPress developers, programmers and DevOps engineers, makes sure 24 hours X 7, we are next to you, provide you support of your projects and we are working close with your team to solve any problem you may have with any website or any WordPress website.

Designers who want to focus on the creation of their new project

Are you a designer? You prefer to focus on what you know best, design websites, our WordPress support and maintenance team is here to help you, you will not any more  need to care about your WordPress website UpGrades, Backups or reverts, you don’t need any more to stay off the market because your website  hacked, or because your WordPress website is slow, our experts are here, to find any cause and solve your websites issues. If we don’t? Then you get immediately refund!

WordPress Online Support – WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

Bored to waiting on the line when your support team, or your Developer answer your emails or your Hosting Provider  can’t help you with your WordPress issues? Then you are in the right place, On wordpress-managment.com our team, trained for WordPress will help you, and your business to thrive, you will immediately get Online WordPress Support and Maintenance Services in minutes without waiting on the line who is going to help you when your website is down, crashed, or  is slow. Our team is straight on the first line, we are taking control of your site, web application or your WordPress website, we talk with your host, we talk with your developer, we solve your issue within  some minutes in most cases. Our team is trained, to get back to you in email tickets within the first 5 minutes with an ACK response, verify the credentials of your site, making you a last time deal, and straight will get access in your website to solve the issue. WordPress Support and Maintenance Services with No hassling, no waiting, get immediately attention on your WordPress website with our emergency WordPress support team.

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At the end of the day our purpose is, to see us as your partners, at wordpress-managment.com we are here for you, working with us you get 24 / 7 access to the best developers for maintenance, support, WordPress related To Do jobs, WordPress theme development and customization, Backups, security, WordPress hosting and everything your WordPress website needs, to be fast, secure, trendy on Design, usable, with any function you want. Our team for WordPress Support and Maintenance Services with expert Linux Engineers, WordPress Developers, consultants, SEO and marketing experts, coders and programmers will help you to achieve the best way for your WordPress and your business’s website to thrive!


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