WordPress Premium Plugins and Themes Updates

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WordPress plugins and theme updates (Premium). Many sites have premium plugins and/or themes that require an ongoing license in order to receive security updates and maintenance. It is important that these licenses be renewed and kept valid so that our Developers can continue to keep your site safe and secure. Depending on the plugins used on your site, we may be in contact with you to obtain the necessary license keys to make certain that these subscriptions stay up to date. Make sure to keep or your licenses updated!

WordPress Managed Hosting Maintenance Services

Premium WordPress support, maintenance and hosting, including experts who understand WordPress from both the user and developer perspectives. With extensive knowledge of the greater WordPress ecosystem , our team is able to accomplish any DevOps, Web Development or Designing task, fast, with quality and responsibility.

Our team, can help you choose the right plan and take you through the quick sign up process. Our Engineers get to know your web site right away, so we can take the best possible care of it. 

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