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As many of you already knows, one of our services provider is AWS Amazon Compute platform. Our High quality website hosting with AWS scalable cloud servers give us the freedom, to customize our Linux Instances, and use custom, or already optimized RedHat Linux images from AWS. With performance reaching 100,000 IOPS with 100% uptime SLA, and using the best network technologies, combined with CloudFlare’s PRO CDN for our Amazon Cloud Hosting images, we hosting your website and at the same time we keep it secure (Fully Managed WordPress, Core, plugins and theme* updates)

Amazon Web Services™ are available in several regions. To estimate the latency from your browser to each AWS™ region. You can check this page here

Our plans starts from 20 euros per month (AWS), but because we don’t want to compromise our customers, we have different plans depend your needs.

Contact us know, let’s discuss what are your needs, and we can design the perfect plan for your WordPress website hosting and management.

wordpress-managment.com is not just another WordPress Managed Hosting company. We have different approach than most of the Managed Hosting providers for 2020, and till now we have never ever met someone who is doing what we do for our partners. First of all, let’s start that here at wordpress-managment.com we are not consider you customers, but partners.

2nd, we rely on you, we want your business to succeed, because every time you are satisfied with your business, you give us a reason to support you more, and create more things for you, as your partners. Most of the hosting companies out there, spending thousand on advertisements, migrating websites on their servers and they never truly support your business, they’re trying to get more and more but with out experienced DevOps and WordPress experts to support their project, so they can support your business. They we work is differently. We want our partners to run a healthy business, that’s why all the work we do for you cannot translated in costs. We always and will always do more for our WordPress partners, because we love our job, and we want to offer High Quality Hosting and WordPress Management services as low is possible. We support from small one person business or individuals, to multi million high traffic websites.

Let us thrive with you

Contact us now, to speak more about what you need for your business, our team will help you to create the perfect plan for your future. With multiple services, we divide our job and spread it in different departments which are working closely with you and your team. With us you don’t need to worry about, your ads, your hosting, your WordPress, the security of your website, or any technical issues for your online business. Our team will support you 100% and you can focus on your website content and how to bring more customers, doing the best thing you know. You will be able to focus in the most important aspects of you business.

*For premium plugins and theme updates, we require from you the licence for any of your themes and premium plugins to update.

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