WordPress Hosting offer for May-June

WordPress Hosting along with website Maintenance and Management for May and June

At wordpress-managment.com for months May and June, we have an amazing offer for WordPress hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting in amazing prices!

WordPress Hosting offer!

Our WordPress hosting plans starts from 5 euros per month ( 5.6 US Dollars per month). One of our amazing offers now, for May and June, when you buy one of our small WordPress hosting plans, you get for free automatic updates and WordPress website maintenance service. That means, if you choose to host your WordPress website on our servers, you will get extra free WordPress upgrades (Core), WordPress plugins upgrades (for premium plugins you just need to provide us a license and we handle the rest), and WordPress themes upgrades (same goes for premium themes, you just need to provide us your theme’s license and we handle the upgrades for you.

Why automatic WordPress Core upgrades will help my site?

WordPress every 15-20 days get updated by WordPress Core Developers. That means the developers adding extra code to the WordPress core, fixing bugs, improving WordPress Core speed, improving WordPress UI functionality, improving security, in general making the WordPress CMS platform more secure, easier to use, translating core to many languages.

Ok, and you will tell us why is this an issue? This, absolutely not an issue! Definitely, this is something that we love about WordPress core, and how WordPress community so fast solving and pushing code changes to the Core, making our life easier and WordPress CMS the No.1 CMS in the world! The problem starts with the many extra add-ons we add every time to our WordPress site, for an example, plugins, themes and in general every 3d party addon we will add that will expand WordPress and give us new functionalities. Another example of a possible issue, is, in general, your hosting provider setup, server, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, etc. How often the systems updated, and other important factors. With our hosting service we provide extra for free, automatic WordPress Security Core upgrades, we provide support for WordPress Core upgrades, or we update your site making sure that the next version of WordPress will be compatible with the versions of your current plugins and won’t break or take down your site. That’s why we developed a full custom service to remotely control every site hosted on our servers.

WordPress Hosting onboarding process.

If you decide that you want to host your WordPress on our servers, there are not many things you need to do, because we handle everything and for free!! No extra or hidden charges, we migrate your website on our servers for free! Migration Operation Service from our company covers many aspects of your website migration, like, emails, subdomains, archives, and data. We have a very easy process to migrate all of your site and Data on our servers.
We’ll guide you through the launch process your site from our servers, and link to important resources along the way and during the Migration Operation of your Data you will get frequent reminders and information.

Your Personal Technical Account Manager (PTAM) will directly contact with you, and you will be asked to fill in a Google Sheet form all the required information we need to migrate your site on our servers. Then you just need to stay back and relax, we will take care of all. There are times that some projects are big, e-commerce sites with many visits, thousands day to day orders, custom website functions and redirections, our team before do anything will disqus all the technical details with your Developer or WebMaster of your site, we will make sure that we have all the info, then we will thoroughly check your website, and then we will make a full copy of your site that you will be able to review, and check everything. Then it’s time to update the DNS Settings.

DNS Handling WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Services

We handle your DNS and making the necessary changes and fixes, through our CloudFlare Premium account. Cloudflare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world, answers 1 million DNS queries per second, and mitigates DDoS attacks of more than 600Gbps. On Cloudflare, DNS changes take less than 30ms to propagate. You will have to OR change your current DNS settings and add your site on our CloudFlare Network, if you don’t prefer to change DNS, you can remain in your current DNS Provider, and we will write you full details to add our custom Servers IP’s. Depends on the plan you run on, you may need to add one of our IP’s or 2 (for High Availability set up).

Website Review

Our Engineers will fully review your website, making sure that your site adopted our setup, check everything (plugins, themes, redirects, woo-commerce, orders, cron jobs, custom code, PHP etc) and we will optimize your site! Our team consists of specialized computer engineers, Web Developers, WordPress Engineers, and Consultants, that will fully review your website, we will optimize it run on our servers, and we will give you a full list of what needs to be done to make your site even faster, ideal for multiple devices, design and other useful tips for your site’s growth.

WordPress Support Engineers

Our WordPress Engineers will be available for you 24 hours, from ticketing or chat, you can anytime chat with us and ask us anything!

Technical Engineer with Project Planning

You will have, Project Planning, Consultation, and Coordination by an experienced Technical Engineer.

Web Developer, WordPress consultants

You will have a WordPress Developer, and a team of WordPress consultants, that they will make a code expert review of your site, debugging your site, giving technical support, and advice you and your business to succeed! Out team and our philosophy frankly believes that our customers looked after. That’s why a person from our team after your website come on our servers or even in the case that you need only our support, will make sure that you looked after. that means you are going to have daily contact with website review and chatting about how everything goes. We want to make sure from the first time, and along the way, that you are going to have the full attention from our team. Remember that wordpress-managment.com is your partner and not just a company that only wants to take your site and get paid for doing nothing. If you and your site succeed, then we will succeed with you too, we will be in every step with you and making sure that your site is up and running, is secured from threats and follow the best web methods that Google and other Tech Giants recommends

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