WordPress High Availability Hosting Made Simple

Are you searching to host your WordPress on high availability WordPress server with two clusters, but you’re struggling? Our modern, easy-to-use load balancer servers, spread the workload to multiple servers, reducing the risk of an outage during traffic spikes or other events, and running 500ms slower than the rest servers on TTFB. Our System, load balancers, web accelerator, and WAF, that operates at high-performance, in any environment, and can be used by developers, system admins, DevOps, and more.
You need a load balancer that doesn’t get in your way and focusses on delivering valuable data, insights, and metrics for your site.

We monitor connection times, response times, server load, HTTP/S errors, errors on web application level, and so much more, our team working with yours, 24 hours per week, so you can deliver a fast, reliable and secure WordPress Web Application, and you just need to focus on your business and your sales.

WordPress High Availability Hosting

Our Systems can deliver over 100,000 Layer 7 requests per second on a 2 vCPU system. While taking advantage of the Google Cloud Platform, or Amazon Servers, we offer fast and High Availability Hosting for WordPress websites. Our Systems includes a full web accelerator and web firewall, make sure your pages load faster and your servers are protected.

True Proxy

On a Layer 7 load balancer – it acts a full proxy and can balance across networks, and data centers. We don’t do NAT-based load balancing. includes full redundancy with automated config replication and state-table sharing, the balancer has a full reporting suite with historical and live metric reporting for throughput, errors, problems, and much more, out team getting every second valuable data, to ensure that your APP is up and running. Your WordPress HA will be deployed in a cluster of Compute Engine instances. Custom Made, for WordPress and only!

WordPress High Availability Hosting
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