WordPress 5.2.2 Release

WordPress 5.2.2 Release Agenda.

The current schedule shows final release for WordPress 5.2.2 on Thursday, June 13, 2019, 3:00 AM GMT+3. Check the time conversion right here

Currently there are 16 active tickets which you can see them right here and help to solve. One of them is for adding unit tests, which does not affect the release package, and one is for updating the block editor JavaScript packages.

There are currently 100 defects milestoned for 5.3 that show as `has-patch`

Our Development team (wordpress-managment.com team not the wordpress.org team), already testing on Beta Nightly mode, and make sure that our clients will not affect by any bug.

By their nature these Nightly mode releases are unstable and should not be used any place where your data is important. That’s why, we always perform all tests to a copied server, which does not have any communication with all of our customer’s data.

If you want to test new WordPress yourself, you just need to send a message to our support team and we will make a full copy of your WordPress website, on a staging server, where you will be able to check and test the new WordPress Update and how is affecting your WordPress website.

Out team, while testing any WordPress Beta release, following always the WordPress Beta Testing Handbook , if you have any comments make sure to add then in the Beta Testing Forum here .

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