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Managed WooCommerce Hosting And Woocommerce Experienced Support

Speed matters in eCommerce and our custom cache will make a huge difference on your sites. Carefully crafted for WooCommerce.

With the first approach ever in AI and User_Cache and uncached requests, Our Intelligent internal Caching tool, caching even your Logged In Users, while taking Artificially Intelligent Decisions if your User must Get_Cached or Not_Cached Content.  revolutionizing the WooCommerce WordPress world.

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Our Support team is specialized on WooCommerce & WordPress and is ready to lend a helping hand, 24/7.

Automated, consisted and secure backups let you sleep like a baby at night. Additional on demand backups & 1-click restore make up the perfect store insurance for your customers.

We will migrate your site on our platform for free. Our migration engineers will do all the dirty work.

Free SSL

Our tests ensure that the Woocommerce checkout & cart are always functioning or notify you, before your customers notice. With our Health Checks we got you covered, especially if you are a professional with multiple Woo customers.

Is there a setup fee?


What is your cancellation / refund policy?

If you ever decide that we are not the best solution for your needs, you can simply cancel your subscription, and you site will not be renewed. We offer no refund though( after 5 days of use), because we usually run on monthly plans, however, and if your site run less than 5 days(first five days of a new subscription) on our platform and you are not satisfied, we offer a full refund!


But Hey, what's the difference of your WordPress Hosting with the WooCommerce Hosting?

That's a very good Question! Our WOOCOMMERCE HOSTING platform is fully customised for WooCommerce and WordPress. Your goal as a customer is to understand what features you actually need, and running a WooCommerce Means Cache VS UnCached Backend User Requests.

In its most simplistic form, caching is about storing data for future reference. We make special tweaks, with an advanced WordPress configuration.  We configured our machines and allocated resources specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce. Having thousands concurrent users logged in your WooCommerce WordPress Powered website, the server has a completely different behaviour and approach.

Nearly all web hosting platforms are capable of running a WordPress site. And many of them will do a relatively good job at it.

WooCommerce, is a piece of software (Plugin) within the WordPress Core, and as software it uses up different volumes of processing power and server resources than other software (Plugins) products. Plus, if you have decades, hundreds or even better thousands users logged users in your WordPress, then things turn a bit more complicated than a simple hosting, or even some times for a Managed WordPress Hosting Tweaked Server.

You can always contact us and find out more about our exclusively WooCommerce WordPress Hosting Plans.

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