Update all WordPress websites from 5.0.2 to 5.03

WordPress Updates on WordPress-managment.com

We would like to inform you, that all WordPress websites running on our platforms (Server or update maintenance platform) and there were running on version 5.0.2, have been updated to the latest WordPress version which is the WordPress version 5.0.3

That means, that all WordPress-managment.com customers which they requested last week to upgrade on WordPress 5.0.2, now all running on 5.0.3. Our team closely monitoring WordPress upgrades, and already we prepared our platform and servers, to be compatible with the new WordPress update. In case that you feel confident and you would like to update your WordPress in the latest version (all customers that still running the older and secured stable version) all you need to do is contact with our WordPress support team, and us to upgrade your WordPress websites.

WordPress updates monitoring 

Our services, running on multiple nodes and servers, and every system is designed with a purpose. Every system every system on wordpress-managment.com serves a different purpose, development servers, testing servers, and production servers. Our customers are not affected in any case running any WordPress version on our production servers because our WordPress management team taking care every aspect of your website, and we are making sure that your WordPress is up and running and is functional. Our staging servers where you can test any WordPress site are available for any customer and every plan from now on, as WordPress updates and the ecosystem now is bigger and the updates are faster. That said, all our customers are able to create a staging site from now on all plans and they can test their website, or they can choose one of our WordPress maintenance plans, and we will take care every update of your WordPress website.

WordPress development servers

Our services include servers customized and optimized to run WordPress development environments. That means if you are a WordPress developer, and you would like to use Git to push an update to your WordPress theme, or plugins now you are able to use it in any wordpress-managment.com server, all you need to do is contact with our support team and we will connect your site. Also, you are able to use our awesome WP-Sync Database service, and sync your development website to your production.

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