PHP Profiling with Blackfire Profiler

PHP Profilers, even the best languages need some help.

PHP profilers (and in general profilers) benefit developers of all levels. We use them to find bugs and fix performance issues. PHP profilers plays a unique role during development of a WordPress, or hosting a WordPress website with thousands or millions users and billions requests (actually we have seen and smaller websites having issues and we solved any issue fast with profiling). PHP profilers helps developers catch errors in real time, fix major computing issues, and monitor the health of any application day after day.

  • Identifying heavy-load problems and bugs.
  • Monitors web request issues.
  • Along with other tools, identify CPU or memory usage issues.
  • Full-stack performance monitoring.
  • Server metrics like CPU and memory.
  • Detailed code-level insights on the application performance.
  • Identify code errors.
  • Transaction tracing and logging metrics.
  • Even more.

A PHP Profiler will measure the relative performance of the WordPress application while benchmark and analyze the actual performance (end user experience).

BlackFire PHP Profiler Dashboard

The BlackFire PHP Profiler makes it possible to write performance tests, automate test scenarios, and drill down to the finest details whenever performance issues arise. Teams can collaborate on performance testing in all environments: development, testing, staging and production.

Blackfire Profiler is a great PHP profiling tool, that helps you make sure you never let your app’s load times frustrate a user.
You are able to thoroughly test your code according to your business logic.

Blackfire achieves a new level of accuracy by aggregating several profile samples and getting rid of non relevant data.

With you can gather detailed performance metrics from your code’s execution, and visualize it in interactive call graphs. Find bottlenecks in the blink of an eye and check the impact of your changes by comparing iterations in development, staging and production servers.

The Profiler is fully compatible with our server environment, and we use it everyday to profile and identify issues on our hosted WordPress websites.

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