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How we handle WordPress backups, on our Managed WordPress services.

WordPress Backups

Having regular backups of your WordPress website is one of the most important operations, for the safety of your content, security, code and WordPress functionality.

There are many tools in the WordPress industry to perform a backup in your WordPress site, however, we will not analyze in that post all the tools, but we will explain our approach, and how we at we handle the backups of your WordPress websites, how we carefully look at our process for backing up your data, how and where we store it and what that means for your business.

How we handle the Backups

We approach the WordPress backups differently, by developing custom WordPress backups tools, on the server side, to ensure that your backups are intact, and most important are usable, that’s why we handle manually any instant WordPress backups. So, let’s say that you made a change to your WordPress website. You just need to open as a ticket, and we will handle the backup for you, we will make sure that your website and your code or any other change safely backed up, and after we will make sure that we can safely restore this backup just in case something went wrong. Further the instant backup you may need, every night, automatically our platform performs a full backup of all WordPress websites of our customers. (Nightly basis). Backups are kept for a maximum of 15 days. Now in parallel with the instant backups, we keep a copy of the backups on special Amazon’s server and software (Off-site Backups_ ), we keep the Data offsite for roughly 30 days.

Instant WordPress Backups (by support ticket_)

These types of WordPress Backups provide an instant archived version of your WordPress site.

What is backed up? Everything in your WordPress directory and after. (We may exclude some type of executable archives like .exe etc.)

Offsite Backups

Offsite backups are being stored in a safe off-site facility (Amazon secured servers), in cases of catastrophic failure, whatever happened, you can be 100% sure that your website is on good hands. Offsite backups contain all your websites and media, including the SQL database.
*Every 24 hours our servers perform automatically one instant backup and one off-site WordPress and Database Backup.

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