Create an Eshop in WordPress without woocommerce

When it comes to create a fast and simple eshop, for sure one of the best solutions is the WooCommerce plugin. Woocommerce is trusted, woocommerce is secure, and very easy to install, add products and connect payments. However hiring a developer to install, set, and connect your WordPress website, even in a small eshop, with not many products, will cost you much if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Developer hours will hurt your business, if you are a small startup or an individual. There are hundreds tutorials if you search on Google or any other search engine with how to install and set up woocommerce, and how to create an eshop with WordPress. But what we can do if we want to simplify the process? What we can do if we want to drop the costs of our small start up? What about, if we are starting right now, we don’t have enough resources to buy a expensive server, to run woocommerce on it, what about if we need to create a very simple and affordable eshop? There are many solutions on the market, and one of them is the SnipCart Solution.

Create a dynamic, or even a static website, and transform it to an eshop in just a day or even less.

With SnipCart, , you can create any type of website, static, dynamic, and add the SnipCart code into your site, and with just 2 steps, transform it to an eshop. You can immediately try the cart by clicking here

Snipcart is not a fully-hosted e-commerce solution like WordPress or Shopify. Nor is it a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to create a website from scratch. Snipcart is an HTML and JavaScript-based shopping cart that you need to integrate into an existing website.

Integrating Snipcart with your website will require a basic amount of programming skills, whether they’re yours website or somebody else’s. Of course and if you know, to copy the code, and paste it to the right path and file, you will be able in just a few minutes, to create an eshop with your WordPress or any other website! Our team we’ll be happy to help you and hopefully guide your decision-making process. So if you’ve got some questions about anything regarding Snipcart technical integration, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

  1. First of all, you will need a Snipcart account. To register, go to
  2. Include the Snipcart JS/CSS files. Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your account, log in and head to the Account > Credentials section, where you’ll find your API key. Notice that you’ll be in test mode by default, thus using your test API key. Once you have your API key, you will need to include the Snipcart javascript and CSS files before the closing head tag.
  3. Add the Snipcart javascript and CSS files:
<script src=""></script>

<script src="" data-api-key="YOUR_API_KEY" id="snipcart"></script>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

4. Define your products.

Now that you have included the files, you simply need to define the products on your website. A product is described using a simple HTML syntax.

    data-item-description="Some fresh bacon">
        Buy bacon

For users with a single-page website, the data-item-url field should be filled with only your basic domain name, such as, or with a simple slash bar /.

Testing eshop made with SnipCart

Snipcart offers two separate and totally isolated environments to allow a secure staging without affecting the live environment. When connected to your Snipcart Dashboard, you’ll notice a test/live toggle in the middle of the application’s.

The toggle allows you to access the test and live environment data of your account. Note that the toggle only affects the data and configuration displayed and does not activate a mode or another. Do note that within the test environment, your orders in test mode will be deleted automatically after 10 days.

How to Get your Test API Key

To get your Test API Key, log in into the dashboard and make sure you’re in the Test environment, and go to the Account > API Keys. There, you’ll find your test API key. When interacting with Snipcart within the Test mode, no real payments can be made. The payment requests will not hit your payment gateway and no real money will be transferred.

For your testing purposes, when you get to the payment step of the checkout, you’ll be able to mock the payments. We have built a fake payment gateway that will reproduce most of the behaviors of the gateway that we are using within the Live environment.

To make an authorized payment that will end in a successful transaction, use one of these cards:


If you want the transaction to be declined, use this number:


Every other card number will be considered as Invalid. The CVC must be an integer of 3 digits, if you enter something else, the card will be invalid. The expiration date must also be a date in the future.

Going Live with your Eshop with SnipCart

To switch from TEST mode to LIVE, simply use the corresponding environment API key when including the Snipcart JS file on your website. Remember we added the TEST API before in the code, just delete and add the live code API there in this field!

When adding Snipcart JS file to your website, use the Live key instead of the Test API Key, and all your orders will show up in your Live environment dashboard.


That’s it! you ready to sell online and in live mode, remember SnipCart will keep the 2% in every transaction.

Standard plan

2%/ transactions* + Payment gateway fees

For a Special Plan or any other plan, you will need to contact with their support click here

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