Google Cloud Networking Incident #19016

Google Cloud Networking Incident #19016 google cloud incident

Google Cloud Networking Incident #19016 Cloud Networking issues in us-east1, Incident began at 2019-07-02 10:25 (all times are US/Pacific). Jul 02, 2019 16:05 The disruptions with Google Cloud Networking and Load Balancing have been root caused to physical damage to multiple concurrent fiber bundles serving network paths in us-east1, and we expect a full resolution within the next […]

Google Cloud Scheduler, a fully managed cron job service

Google Cloud Scheduler, a fully managed cron job service July 1st Google search will rank sites by their mobile versions

Cloud Scheduler, is a fully managed cron job service that allows any application to invoke batch, big data and cloud infrastructure operations. Google have added an important new feature that allows you to trigger any service, running anywhere: on-prem, on Google Cloud or any third party data center. Fully managed, enterprise-grade scheduler With the fully […]