Beta/Nightly WordPress 5.0 Beta 4 release

WordPress 5.0 Beta 4

A valuable contribution an individual can make to WordPress development is to test WordPress, even if you are not a developer. Before every stable release of WordPress, pre-release versions are made available for testing. You can download the pre-releases and test them, so that the WordPress developers can fix problems before the new version is made available to the public.

WordPress 5.0 Beta 4 is now available!

This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with the new version.

There are two ways to test the WordPress 5.0 Beta: try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”), or you can download the beta here (zip).

The WordPress 5.0 release date has changed, it is now scheduled for release on November 27, and we need your help to get there. Here are some of the big issues that WordPress Core Developers fixed since Beta 3.

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