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We provide Better Customer Support services for WordPress admins and WordPress website owners. WordPress managed services taking over your WordPress website and the complete:

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Upgrades – Plugins  & Themes

WordPress Core upgrades

WordPress Security

WordPress Hosting and more

WMS provides WordPress maintenance and support services with the finest technical support for WordPress websites. WordPress maintenance is essential if you want to have a secure, fast website that’s up and running 24 hours per week, on secured Google owned Servers and with a 24 hours support team of WordPress engineers by your side, for any issue may happen, or any customization you will need in your WordPress website. Becoming a partner with us, you will enjoy a fast WordPress customized server, fast and secure.

Here are the first steps on how to become a WordPress happy customer of WMS

  1. You need to contact with us, you can use our form here and enter straight to our support system
  2. Our Server and WordPress engineers will ask you about your website, and in general you will meet our awesome support team.
  3. We need to have full authorization to enter and transfer the site in a new server on our plans, or be the admin of the site with owner verification. Our engineers will have a full review of the website, backend, frontend, analytics view, webmaster tools analysis, and we will make a full and detailed review of your WordPress website.
  4. Next is a talk with our engineers, and introduce you the best hosting , and management plan for your site, a full audit, SEO analysis, marketing and brainstorming.
  5. You purchase the plan for your website.
  6. Our engineers make a full copy of the website in our servers and make a full review of the WordPress site on our platform
  7. At this point, you will need to have access to your DNS system, so we (or you) make the necessary changes and point the website on our IPs

In the mean time between 6 & 7 our WordPress and server engineers will optimize your WordPress to the bone, will clean your WordPress website from any Database garbages, any threats, will make a full security audit, and prepare the website to run from our servers.

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